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Quality Information, for vendors and victims

When vendors and victims do what they have always done, they will get what they have always gotten.

That withstanding, today both Vendors and Victims have a perfect launch pad to share Quality Information derived from consumers from across North America.

It is unrealistic to get Quality Unbiased information, or advice, from 100 percent commissioned sales people, or from giant corporations who owe you money, due to an accident or disaster. It is also unrealistic for consumers to believe that the government protects them from their insurer’s Claim Game.

The key to making things change for the better is for vendors and victims to go public with the fact that until both consumers and vendors join forces as one, insurers will continue to rule and abuse everybody one at a time.

Today I am in Tampa speaking to several centers of influence.

We educate vendors, who are consumers too.  We speak to all kinds of associations and groups, so that they can learn the facts about the invisible bankers, who sell insurance contracts to the unwary, using low prices, gimmicks, lizards, flying pigs and all they can to keep consumers in the dark.

Yes, anything can happen when people come together as one to protect their interest.
With hurricane season upon us, it’s time to understand disaster recovery begins before the event, not afterward.

Boarding up windows is simple, compared to all of the things one must do to recover from an accident or disaster.

Just ask the folks in the North East on how they were handed bad advice via the part time employees hired by FEMA, whose policies and procedures were written by insurers and their hired guns to protect themselves. Not the victims.

If this makes good sense to you reading this then, that you should send this message to all you know, to put them on notice that disaster recovery is hundreds of times easier and faster when they have a concrete  plan of action, along with a dedicated support system that is not funded or beholding to the insurance industry.

The Quality Information Institute, from The Consumer’s Action Plan is where consumers find what they need to manage their lives, grief, time and dollars.

Hello Connecticut

Hello Connecticut! Have you scheduled your next disaster? What will you do when it happens? The time to plan for your future is today.

Your Insurance Story

Have your insurance company filled your life with grief? Have your insurers been a blessing to you in a time of stress?  The Consumer’s Action Plan wants your insurance story.

Share your insurance story here.

Have you scheduled your next car wreck or disaster?

Have you scheduled your next car wreck or disaster?

Your Windshield may Kill You

Note how the windshield remains in place, and the roof of the vehicle absorbs the kinetic energy.

Auto glass replacement is high on the repair list in accidents. According to the I-CAR Reference Manual, unibody vehicles are engineered to protect passengers during crashes, i.e. passenger safety is the key element in automobile design.

Vehicle manufacturers intentionally build safety into autos in the following manner.

  1. Crush zones are built into the front and rear of the vehicle as a series of holes, dimples, or convolutions.
  2. Front and rear structural parts are designed to absorb collision energy by collapsing at pre-determined points called “crush zones.”
  3. Hoods are designed to buckle in order to avoid penetrating the windshield.
  4. The vehicle structure is designed to route impact forces and damage around the passenger compartment.
  5. In a front end collision, the windshield serves to transmit the kinetic energy upward, to be absorbed by the roof of the vehicle.

This is why vehicles appear to fold up like a soda can in a crash. Check out this video for more information.TB Page 96

The key issue to remember is Safety… Safety… Safety.

Windshield replacements can only be performed in a specialized facility, by at least two professionals.

To guarantee that you are getting value, quality, and safety, there are seven issues that you must bear in mind when your windshield is replaced.

Your life may depend on it.

If you want to find out more about this and learn much more time, money and grief saving information, you need to become a member of The Consumer’s Action Plan, where you will be educated, empowered and supported before, during and after the things go wrong with your insurable property.

A flea on the elephant’s back

After Hurricane Sandy, Ron Alford (aged 73), an expert in crisis management, decided to come out of retirement to do something about the massive ignorance and intimidation consumers endure with most all property insurance issues and disaster recovery problems.

Alford has personally managed over 13,000 insurance related disasters in New York City from huge plumbing floods in high-rises to devastating fires, hurricanes, and wind damage.

With this kind of experience, wisdom naturally follows which has given Alford the motivation to right this wrong and to help innocent consumers from becoming prey to those who sell invisible products which are nothing more than a promise printed on paper in exchange for a lot of hard earned cash.

In 1988 Alford recalled that out of those 13,000 victims only a tiny hand full had a complete understanding of how The Titans GAME was played and the rules of the CLAIM GAME.

Yes, Alford has an epic matter on the table that is like a flea leading an elephant and he believes it can be done when tens of thousands of consumers discover that there is a viable and cost effective method for the consumer to take total control of their RISK financing issues and no longer be in the dark before, during or after it hits their fan.

Alford has authored 3 consumer’s books on insurance that he refers to as The GRIEF INDUSTRY; The Crime of the Century – INSURANCE; How to Win the Insurance Claim Game; and Car Insurance Secrets.

Contrary to the protective language insurers use that imply a warm fuzzy comfort and joy, there is nothing fun, joyful or even good about tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fires, car wrecks, disability or death.


What is worse is being forced to suffer additional stress and pain by learning how The Titans and their defense team play The Claim Game to, dodge, delay or deny, underpay, or not pay at all. Lost time creates grief and money dealing with the unknowns in the recovery process.

Just the word INSURANCE itself is a total mystery much like the word OCEAN. Both are bodies filled with trillions of unknowns that can only be understood after much time and research and you are in or under the water.

Said another way, most people are under water and drown in the ocean of insurance when they become victims of accidents or disasters.

Alford is intense, loud and arrogant.  He has a mission on his bucket list to get RISK FINANCING as a class in high school and college.  Since every man, woman and child is directly affected by The GRIEF INDUSTRY, the only way to manage life is to understand and plan.

If the insurers 100% commissioned sales agents were to approach consumers with, “I have a confusing legal contract to sell you and you have to pay for in cash” they would have a hard time building their sales.

If the agents told the truth, they would tell the consumer that there are no instructions that come with this legal contract. In order to find out how the insurer will handle your claim after you suffer a loss, you have to call to be told how much you lost in the event, based on their low-ball assessment.

Awkward moment

In doing so, you will be blitzed by a blizzard of insurer’s jargon and lingo. Examples are policies are really very legal contracts, premiums are really cash, “your agent” is not your agent it is their agent, L K Q=  Like Kind & Quality and aftermarket parts are really phony, fake, counterfeit crash parts made cheaply to fit name brand vehicles.

Oh, you think that the government and legal system is all consumers need to help consumers?  Alford says that consumers do not have an even chance due to the insurance lobbyists and the fact that there is not one class in America that teaches risk financing but 10,000 classes that teach you how to sell insurance.


Consumers across North America are coming together as one as members of The Consumer’s Action Plan.

Alford expects that savvy consumers reading this article will become a member of ThePlan, especially if you believe that Quality unbiased information has substantial value and that thousands of victims & vendors are smarter, better and faster than any one individual.

Is Geico’s Gecko out to get you?

The true business of The GRIEF INDUSTRY (aka insurance) is The Claim Game.

The “Grief Industry” clearly defines the business of insurance and the gamut of the products they sell   to consumers. To win in The CLAIM GAME, you have to lose.  Lose your car, your house, your property, your arm, your health, or your life.

There is NOTHING fun, nice or even friendly about The Grief Industry. Although the industry trains consumers daily to treat the purchase of insurance as if their protection is like buying a box of corn flakes or toilet paper from the discount 99 cent stores. Or some billion dollar gecko with a foreign accent is the “go to” reptile that will save you money.  Duh!

To make the GAME more palatable for the pubic, the captains of the Grief business have redefined the English language so that buying into The GAME will be more savory for consumers, and The Captain’s commissioned Agents can sell more “protection”.

In short, The Grief Industry is a colossal financial game, wherein consumers pay hard cash in exchange for a promise written on official looking paper and the buyer is told, “No problem, don’t worry we will take care of everything.” Sound wonderful?

The words used in the marketing are kind thoughts of caring coined by spin doctors who can turn facts into fiction. Examples:  Money is now premiums; Death Contracts are now Life Insurance Policies; Like a good neighbor SF is there…Nationwide is on your side…

When the alleged insured suffers a loss and reports it to the company, The Claim Game begins. Instantly a wonderful customer is turned into a distrustful adversary, who wants to be paid for their losses.

What are the rules of The CLAIM GAME?

The only rules or instructions consumers get about disaster recovery is from the Titans, who want victims to call their commissioned sales Agents for help. This is clearly a conflict of interest for the Titans, as it allows the insurance company to manage the victim’s personal lost time, the quality and quantity of restoration services. It is always detrimental to the victims.

The contract of insurance says that it will pay to restore damaged or lost property. No one should ever call the people who owe them money and expect unbiased directions or advice.

The problem is that when they suffer a loss, and are tossed into The Claim Game, the victim is under severe stress brought on by intimidation of the unknown. The net result is that victims have no choice but to do what the commissioned Agent told them, which was to call their adversary for help.

What the victims do not know is the rules; the insurer’s players rely on consumer ignorance, trust and belief that the spin doctors are truthful and that their opponents actually care about victims.

To the contrary, the insurance industry is clearly a self-serving, cash flow, finance business that has managed to make consumers do things that are actually illegal in most states and that is to have the insurance team steer the victims to the insurance companies deep discount repair companies.

The Game is getting bigger amongst the Titans of the Insurance Companies, whilst they compete viciously on TV, radio, Google, print etc. to steal customers from one another and to force smaller, better operated companies out of business. America cannot afford to allow small insurance companies to go out of business.

The smartest thing consumers can do is to avoid doing business with the Titans whose public relations efforts cost them billions of dollars in TV ads to pilfer and abuse customers from their competition.

The insurance industry knows and understands more about human behavior and what consumers do, than any other business on earth and they use consumer ignorance about their business to continue to keep consumers in the dark with false advertising, distractions and renaming grief related products using words and emotions that consistently fool consumers.

For these reasons and more, smart savvy consumers are coming together as one to empower, educate and support one another in The Consumer’s Action Plan. Our mission is to reduce the cost of insurance and provide consumers with experts on their team, when they are thrust into playing The Insurance Titans’ Claim Game.

First is to get quality unbiased information about the true cost of insurance and the best place to locate it. Second is to join a group of consumers who share information among the group.

That is why the intelligent consumer should join The Consumer’s Action Plan. Check out, to see how you can become enabled in insurance knowledge, and break free of the shackles of The Claim Game.


Go here for the document.

Where are the Consumer’s Advocates?

With all of the media coverage of the dodge, delay and deny tactics being used by insurance companies in relation to homeowners insurance claims arising from Superstorm Sandy, I decided to take to Google, to seek out who is really out there on the side of the insurance consumer. Are there really white knights that fight against the countless lobbyists, public relations officers and attorneys of the major insurance companies?

The average insurance company saves more than 8% of investment profits every year just by engaging in payment delaying tactics. It can save another 20 to 30% of profits on wrongful claim denials, most due to confusing policy language. A further 30 to 40% of profits are saved by engaging in low-balling on claim payouts. These are staggering numbers that show the magnitude of the problem faced by insurance claimants.

But who to turn to for help in a situation where your back is against the wall with the insurance company?

A Google search doesn’t provide much solace for the consumer. A search of “Insurance Consumer Advocate” reveals only;

  1. State Insurance Advocates, but if you are in a position where you need the assistance of a government bureaucrat, or an attorney, you have already suffered from a world of hurt at the hands of your insurer.
  2. Companies that disguise themselves as customer advocates, but are really only in the business of selling insurance.
  3. Paid advertisements for Attorneys, perpetuating themselves to be consumer advocates in insurance related issues.

Clearly none of these will suffice to a family struggling to pay for living in a motel, because the roof has blown off of their home, and their insurer refuses to fairly pay their claim, on time. They need assistance yesterday, not in 6 months’ time.

The savvy insurance consumer needs The Consumer’s Action Plan. The CAP is a personal risk management and contingency plan for individuals, and small business owners in the form of a membership. The Plan provides its members with education, risk management tools and support services for their homes, property, vehicles, or a business. Said another way, The CAP teaches you all of the RIGHT things to do before, during and after things go WRONG. We are an independent organization, not affiliated with any insurance company, and we do not sell insurance.

Disaster management starts before you set sail, not after the ship sinks. Go to and learn how to stave off a second disaster, before you are hit by the first.

From the Desk of Ron Alford

I got bad news for all Americans who buy car and property insurance.

The dodge, delay & deny issue about Sandy and the Feds etc. is being completely controlled behind the scenes by about 350 insurance company members of the American Insurance Association, who need to maintain control over the government in every state and for the federal government to be able to keep in check millions of insurance consumers.  That is you and me.

Because consumers do not have a united voice of qualified and experienced advocates, the Titans of The GRIEF INDUSTRY (insurance) continue to raise the cost of insurance that pays for billions of dollars in TV ads because Geico, Progressive, Allstate and State Farm are all in a personal race to annihilate their competitors.

What is worse is these Titans market crucial risk funding (insurance) as if it were corn flakes and toilet paper on SALE by screaming discounts. This is a national disgrace that insults and misleads consumers.

How stupid …  To save money, time and grief insurance consumers must come together and join forces to protect themselves from their insurance company protectors because when victims of auto wrecks and disasters like Sandy come along, the stress of the event prevents them from leaning how to play THE CLAIM GAME and they lose time, dollars and suffer enormous GRIEF in the process.

After 45 years on both sides of The GRIEF Industry there is a spark of hope for consumers to band together to stop the insanity of being trained by commissioned salesmen and women.

Single victims can never win against institutions, however associations can and do.

The Consumer’s Action Plan is the best start.  The site is ugly, the membership is worth Gold.

I welcome your phone call if you have comments, questions or suggestions. My cell is 212 724 9225

A New Dawn in The Grief Industry

It seems to me that we clearly have mutual interest, yet different perspectives in what I refer to as “The GRIEF INDUSTRY”.

Having been trained by The Prudential Insurance Company throughout the early 1960’s, to be one of the top 5% producers in the company, I acquired a great deal of inside information about The TITANS in the insurance industry operate. I only tell you this to show you how many years we go back and the 13,000 plus insurance claims we have managed.

In 1988, having seen all of the stupid things people, companies and insurance companies do and don’t do, I authored The Crime of the Century INSURANCE,to educate ignorant consumers to understand that the insurance industry starts and ends with conflicts of interest.  Commissioned insurance Agents, of which I was one, cannot make a living telling the public the truth about The GRIEF INDUSTRY.   Later I Authored How to Win the Insurance CLAIM GAME, the instruction book that does not come with home owner’s insurance policies and later on Car Insurance Secrets.

When consumers enter in to a legal contract (policy) with insurers, the consumer does not get any instructions that will directly benefit him or her, other than to call the Insurer FIRST when you suffer a loss.  This is yet another conflict of interest and why I created The DISASTER MASTERS® in 1980.

Since 1988 I have been heavily on the consumer’s side yet I am a staunch supporter of insurance, to finance the cost of accidents and disasters.  I just hate the way the CLAIM GAME is played and the rocky and uneven field it is played upon.

Today State Farm and all of the top grossing insurance companies are spending millions of dollars, every day of the week to do what?  Steal consumers from the other insurance companies.

The Titans can only get new customers from the other companies & according to Google ads,  State Farm pays Google $395,786.00 every DAY of the week, for their click through ads and Geico pays Google $425,892.00 every day.  Who knows how much Progressive and Geico pays for those Flo & Gecko TV ads?  Who is getting screwed here?  You, me and a many millions of other people, who are forced to pay those insurance bills.

We are funding about 50 Titans around the world to play THE CLAIM GAME, like kings on a polo field.  Wall Street cannot hold a candle to the brilliance of people like Hank Greenberg et al the founder of AIG.  And let’s never forget Warren Buffet who owns Geico.

The worst of the worst is Progressive and Flo the wonder woman who sells Progressive insurance in a box like it is corn flakes or toilet paper on sale. Discounts discounts and it cost Progressive only $275.477.00 a day for clicks and the TV Ads that run Prime time around the clock?   WOW.  One day of that bill and you can move to anywhere you want to live.

Ranking by Premium


Spent Daily On Google Ads

Per Year


State Farm




Liberty Mutual








American International (AIG)








Berkshire Hathaway (Geico)












Nationwide Mutual















Since we agree that consumers get a raw deal, having to undergo the perils of incompetent insurance adjusters and their golf partners, who are not qualified to do the work; yet tell us what we can charge for services based on a 3rd party database based on lowball claims, which in fact both the consumers and the vendors are getting abused in the process.

This dodge, delay and let’s see policy harms the victims who are often given the shaft of lost time, money and inferior, unqualified services by default from some newbies who bought their way into the business, took a few days of training and now they are the experts in roofs, wind, mold, floods, fire, smoke and soot and what about odors?

There has to be a better way for consumers to recover from auto wrecks and disasters.  All a consumer need is a simple, yet comprehensive Action Plan for when things go wrong.

There is now The Consumer’s Action Plan ( that empowers and educates its members to manage risks, insurance costs and claims professionally.

Simply put, The CAP is a vital support system, to educate & empower accident and disaster victims before during and after things go wrong.

Check out The CAP, and learn how to manage your disaster recovery & your insurance policy, before they manage you.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with your comments, queries, or suggestions.

A new dawn in The Grief Industry